श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 420

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 56



जौं केवल पितु आयसु ताता। तौ जनि जाहु जानि बड़ि माता।।
जौं पितु मातु कहेउ बन जाना। तौं कानन सत अवध समाना।।
पितु बनदेव मातु बनदेवी। खग मृग चरन सरोरुह सेवी।।
अंतहुँ उचित नृपहि बनबासू। बय बिलोकि हियँ होइ हराँसू।।
बड़भागी बनु अवध अभागी। जो रघुबंसतिलक तुम्ह त्यागी।।
जौं सुत कहौ संग मोहि लेहू। तुम्हरे हृदयँ होइ संदेहू।।
पूत परम प्रिय तुम्ह सबही के। प्रान प्रान के जीवन जी के।।
ते तुम्ह कहहु मातु बन जाऊँ। मैं सुनि बचन बैठि पछिताऊँ।।


यह बिचारि नहिं करउँ हठ झूठ सनेहु बढ़ाइ।
मानि मातु कर नात बलि सुरति बिसरि जनि जाइ।।56।।


In any case if it be your fatherís command alone, my boy, then go not, remembering that a mother ranks higher than one’s father. If, on the other hand, both father and mother have asked you to proceed to the woods then, of course, the forest will equal a hundred cities like Ayodhya, with the sylvan gods for your father, the sylvan goddesses for your mother and the birds and beasts to wait upon your lotus feet. At all events it is but proper for a king to dwell in a forest in the evening of his life; it is your tender age which fills my heart with agony. How blessed is the forest and how luckless Ayodhya, that will be deserted by you, O crown of Raghuís line! If I ask you, my boy, to take me with you, your mind will be filled with doubt. You are supremely dear to all, my child; you are the life of our life, the vitality of our soul. As such you say, “Mother, I go to the forest!” while I remain rooted to my seat even on hearing these words and repent. (1—4)


Realizing this I do not press my suit exaggerating my false love. I only pray that remembering me as a mother you should not allow me to slip out of your mind.” (56)

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