श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 419

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 55



राखि न सकइ न कहि सक जाहू। दुहूँ भाँति उर दारुन दाहू।।
लिखत सुधाकर गा लिखि राहू। बिधि गति बाम सदा सब काहू।।
धरम सनेह उभयँ मति घेरी। भइ गति साँप छुछुंदरि केरी।।
राखउँ सुतहि करउँ अनुरोधू। धरमु जाइ अरु बंधु बिरोधू।।
कहउँ जान बन तौ बड़ि हानी। संकट सोच बिबस भइ रानी।।
बहुरि समुझि तिय धरमु सयानी। रामु भरतु दोउ सुत सम जानी।।
सरल सुभाउ राम महतारी। बोली बचन धीर धरि भारी।।
तात जाउँ बलि कीन्हेहु नीका। पितु आयसु सब धरमक टीका।।


राजु देन कहि दीन्ह बनु मोहि न सो दुख लेसु।
तुम्ह बिनु भरतहि भूपतिहि प्रजहि प्रचंड कलेसु।।55।।


She could neither detain her Son nor yet say ‘Go’; she felt terrible agony in her heart in either event. “It seemed as though one was going to write ‘moon’ and wrote ‘Rahu’ (the demon who is believed by the Hindus to devour the moon during a lunar eclipse) instead through a slip of the pen,” she said to herself. “The ways of the Creator (Brahma) are always adverse to all,” she concluded. Kaushalya’s judgment was swayed on the one hand by her sense of duty and on the other by her affection. She found herself on the horns of a dilemma like a snake that has caught hold of a musk-rat. “If I press my son and detain him, the moral code will be violated and bad blood created between brothers. And if I allow him to proceed to the woods, it will be a grievous loss.” The queen thus found herself faced with an embarrassing situation and was overwhelmed with grief. Again, realizing the duty of a woman and remembering that both Rama and Bharata were equally her sons the prudent Kaushalya (Shri Rama’s mother), who had a guileless disposition, spoke as follows with great courage, “You have done well, my child, I swear; a fatherís command is the most sacred of all obligations.” (1—4)


That having promised to bestow on you the kingdom of Ayodhya your father has now decided to exile you to the woods does not make me the least sorry. But your absence from our midst will mean a terrible ordeal to Bharat, to the king himself and to the people.” (55)

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