श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 415

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 51



उतरु न देइ दुसह रिस रूखी। मृगिन्ह चितव जनु बाघिनि भूखी।।
ब्याधि असाधि जानि तिन्ह त्यागी। चलीं कहत मतिमंद अभागी।।
राजु करत यह दैअँ बिगोई। कीन्हेसि अस जस करइ न कोई।।
एहि बिधि बिलपहिं पुर नर नारीं। देहिं कुचालिहि कोटिक गारीं।।
जरहिं बिषम जर लेहिं उसासा। कवनि राम बिनु जीवन आसा।।
बिपुल बियोग प्रजा अकुलानी। जनु जलचर गन सूखत पानी।।
अति बिषाद बस लोग लोगाई। गए मातु पहिं रामु गोसाई।।
मुख प्रसन्न चित चौगुन चाऊ। मिटा सोचु जनि राखै राऊ।।


नव गयंदु रघुबीर मनु राजु अलान समान।
छूट जानि बन गवनु सुनि उर अनंदु अधिकान।।51।।


She gave no reply and wore a sullen look due to anger that could not be easily curbed. She stared at them as a hungry tigress would gaze on a herd of does. Finding her disease incurable, her friends left her saying as they went, “Wretched fool! Fate could not brook her sovereignty and has betrayed her. She has done what nobody else would do.” Men and women of the city thus lamented and showered numberless abuses on the wicked woman. They burned with terrible agony and sighed. “There can be no hope of life without Ram,” they said. The people were disconcerted at the thought of long separation even as aquatic creatures get disturbed when water in which they live begins dry. Men and women alike were overcome with excessive grief. In the meantime Lord Shri Ram called on His mother (Kaushalya). He wore a cheerful look and had fourfold joy in his heart; He no longer feared lest the king should detain him.(1—4)


The mind of Shri Ram (the Hero of Raghu’s race) resembled a young elephant (newly caught) with kingship for its chain. When He heard of the proposal for exiling Him to the forest He took Himself as freed and felt overjoyed in His heart. (51)

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