श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 407

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 43



रहसी रानि राम रुख पाई। बोली कपट सनेहु जनाई।।
सपथ तुम्हार भरत कै आना। हेतु न दूसर मै कछु जाना।।
तुम्ह अपराध जोगु नहिं ताता। जननी जनक बंधु सुखदाता।।
राम सत्य सबु जो कछु कहहू। तुम्ह पितु मातु बचन रत अहहू।।
पितहि बुझाइ कहहु बलि सोई। चौथेंपन जेहिं अजसु न होई।।
तुम्ह सम सुअन सुकृत जेहिं दीन्हे। उचित न तासु निरादरु कीन्हे।।
लागहिं कुमुख बचन सुभ कैसे। मगहँ गयादिक तीरथ जैसे।।
रामहि मातु बचन सब भाए। जिमि सुरसरि गत सलिल सुहाए।।


गइ मुरुछा रामहि सुमिरि नृप फिरि करवट लीन्ह।
सचिव राम आगमन कहि बिनय समय सम कीन्ह।।43।।


The queen rejoiced to find Shri Ram acquiescing to her proposal and said with a false show of affection, “I swear by yourself and Bharat that no other cause of the king’s affliction is known to me. You are not supposed to do any offence, dear son, a source of delight that you are to your parents and brothers. What you say is all true; you are devoted to the words of your father and mother. I adjure you to argue with your father that he may not incur opprobrium in the evening of his life. It is hardly desirable for him to disregard the virtues (truthfulness etc.) that have fetched him a son like you.” These polite words adorned her detestable mouth even as sacred spots just as Gaya is situated in the accursed land of Magadha (South Bihar). All these words from His stepmother sounded pleasant to Ram in the same way as waters of all kinds are hallowed through their confluence with the holy Ganga. (1—4)


The king’s spell of unconsciousness now left him; he remembered Ram and then changed sides. And the minister (Sumantra) informed him of Shri Ram’s arrival and made a humble submission to him in words appropriate to the occasion. (43)

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