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श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 403

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 39



आनहु रामहि बेगि बोलाई। समाचार तब पूँछेहु आई।।
चलेउ सुमंत्र राय रूख जानी। लखी कुचालि कीन्हि कछु रानी।।
सोच बिकल मग परइ न पाऊ। रामहि बोलि कहिहि का राऊ।।
उर धरि धीरजु गयउ दुआरें। पूछँहिं सकल देखि मनु मारें।।
समाधानु करि सो सबही का। गयउ जहाँ दिनकर कुल टीका।।
रामु सुमंत्रहि आवत देखा। आदरु कीन्ह पिता सम लेखा।।
निरखि बदनु कहि भूप रजाई। रघुकुलदीपहि चलेउ लेवाई।।
रामु कुभाँति सचिव सँग जाहीं। देखि लोग जहँ तहँ बिलखाहीं।।


जाइ दीख रघुबंसमनि नरपति निपट कुसाजु।।
सहमि परेउ लखि सिंघिनिहि मनहुँ बृद्ध गजराजु।।39।।


Therefore, call on Ram and bring him soon; thereafter, when you have come back, you may ask further details.” Judging (from his masterís looks) that the king approved of this idea, Sumantra left; he concluded that the queen had contrived some evil design. He felt so distressed with anxiety that his legs refused to move ahead. “What will the king speak to Ram after calling him?” he wondered. Recovering himself he repaired to the gate; and seeing him disconsolate all began to question him. He, however, reassured them all and proceeded to the apartment where the Ornament of the solar race (Shri Ram) was. When Shri Ram saw Sumantra coming, He received him with honour, treating the minister on an equal footing with His father. Looking Shri Ram in the face, Sumantra conveyed to Him the royal command and returned with the Light of Raghu’s race (Shri Ram). Shri Ram followed the minister in an unbecoming manner: people here and there were grieved to see this. (1—4)


The Jewel of Raghu’s race went and saw the king in an utterly wretched state like an aged elephant who had dropped down in terror at the sight of a lioness. (39)

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