श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 399

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 35



ब्याकुल राउ सिथिल सब गाता। करिनि कलपतरु मनहुँ निपाता।।
कंठु सूख मुख आव न बानी। जनु पाठीनु दीन बिनु पानी।।
पुनि कह कटु कठोर कैकेई। मनहुँ घाय महुँ माहुर देई।।
जौं अंतहुँ अस करतबु रहेऊ। मागु मागु तुम्ह केहिं बल कहेऊ।।
दुइ कि होइ एक समय भुआला। हँसब ठठाइ फुलाउब गाला।।
दानि कहाउब अरु कृपनाई। होइ कि खेम कुसल रौताई।।
छाड़हु बचनु कि धीरजु धरहू। जनि अबला जिमि करुना करहू।।
तनु तिय तनय धामु धनु धरनी। सत्यसंध कहुँ तृन सम बरनी।।


मरम बचन सुनि राउ कह कहु कछु दोषु न तोर।
लागेउ तोहि पिसाच जिमि कालु कहावत मोर।।35।।


The king was stricken with grief and his limbs began to droop; it looked as if a wish-yielding tree had been knocked down by a female elephant. His throat was dry and speech failed his lips; he felt miserable like a fish out of water. Kaikeyi plied him once more with pungent and harsh words, injecting poison as it were into his wound, “If this was what you intended doing in the long run, what emboldened you to say ‘Ask, ask’? Can both these things happen at the same time, O sovereign of the earth— to laugh a boisterous laugh and to look grave, to enjoy the reputation of being generous and yet be stingy? Is it possible to remain unscathed while playing the hero? Either go back upon your word or forbear; pray do not wail like a woman. Life and wife, sons, home, wealth and land have been spoken of as no better than a straw in the eyes of a man who is true to his word.” (1—4)


On hearing these poignant words the king exclaimed, “Say what you will; you are not to blame for it. It is my doom which has possessed you like a devil and is using you as its mouthpiece.” (35)

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