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श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 381

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अयोध्या काण्ड (AYODHYA KAAND) – Day 17



सादर पुनि पुनि पूँछति ओही। सबरी गान मृगी जनु मोही।।
तसि मति फिरी अहइ जसि भाबी। रहसी चेरि घात जनु फाबी।।
तुम्ह पूँछहु मैं कहत डेराऊँ। धरेउ मोर घरफोरी नाऊँ।।
सजि प्रतीति बहुबिधि गढ़ि छोली। अवध साढ़साती तब बोली।।
प्रिय सिय रामु कहा तुम्ह रानी। रामहि तुम्ह प्रिय सो फुरि बानी।।
रहा प्रथम अब ते दिन बीते। समउ फिरें रिपु होहिं पिंरीते।।
भानु कमल कुल पोषनिहारा। बिनु जल जारि करइ सोइ छारा।।
जरि तुम्हारि चह सवति उखारी। रूँधहु करि उपाउ बर बारी।।


तुम्हहि न सोचु सोहाग बल निज बस जानहु राउ।
मन मलीन मुह मीठ नृप राउर सरल सुभाउ।।17।।


Again and again the queen politely questioned Manthara, hyptonized as she was by the latterís guileful words like a doe fascinated by the music of a Bhil woman. Her mind was changed according to the decree of fate and the servant-maid was pleased to find her plan succeed. She replied, “While you persist in questioning me, I am afraid to open my lips, since you have given me the name of a feud creator in the family.” Thus working up the queenís faith and manipulating her according to her own liking in every way, Manthara, who spelt disaster for Ayodhya like the evil influence exerted by the planet Saturn for a period of seven and a half years (according to Indian Astrology), then spoke, “You said just now, O queen, that Sita and Ram were dear to you and that you had endeared yourself to Ram; this assertion of yours is true. This is, however, a thing of the past; those days have now gone by. When the tide turns even friend become foes. The sun fosters the family of lotuses; but in the absence of water it burns them to ashes. Your co-wife (Kaushalya) would strike at your very root; protect it by means of a good fence in the form of a remedy.” (1—4)


You are free from anxiety on the strength of your husbandís love and know him to be under your sway. The king, however, is malicious of mind, though sweet of tongue; while you possess a guileless nature.” (17)

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