श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 363

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BAAL KAAND – Day 362



बामदेव रघुकुल गुर ग्यानी। बहुरि गाधिसुत कथा बखानी।।
सुनि मुनि सुजसु मनहिं मन राऊ। बरनत आपन पुन्य प्रभाऊ।।
बहुरे लोग रजायसु भयऊ। सुतन्ह समेत नृपति गृहँ गयऊ।।
जहँ तहँ राम ब्याहु सबु गावा। सुजसु पुनीत लोक तिहुँ छावा।।
आए ब्याहि रामु घर जब तें। बसइ अनंद अवध सब तब तें।।
प्रभु बिबाहँ जस भयउ उछाहू। सकहिं न बरनि गिरा अहिनाहू।।
कबिकुल जीवनु पावन जानी।।राम सीय जसु मंगल खानी।।
तेहि ते मैं कछु कहा बखानी। करन पुनीत हेतु निज बानी।।


निज गिरा पावनि करन कारन राम जसु तुलसी कह्यो।
रघुबीर चरित अपार बारिधि पारु कबि कौनें लह्यो।।
उपबीत ब्याह उछाह मंगल सुनि जे सादर गावहीं।
बैदेहि राम प्रसाद ते जन सर्बदा सुखु पावहीं।।


सिय रघुबीर बिबाहु जे सप्रेम गावहिं सुनहिं।
तिन्ह कहुँ सदा उछाहु मंगलायतन राम जसु।।361।।


Vamadev and the wise preceptor of Raghu’s race, Vashishth, once more narrated the story of Vishvamitra (Gadhi’s son). On hearing the sage’s bright glory the king praised to himself the value of his stock of merits (which attracted the sage to his house and won for him his favour). At the royal command the people dispersed, while the king with his sons returned to his palace. Everywhere the people sang the story of Shri Ram’s wedding, and His holy and fair fame was diffused through all the three spheres. From the day Shri Ram came home duly married, every kind of joy took its abode in Ayodhya. The festivities that followed the Lord’s wedding were more than the goddess of speech or the Lord of serpents, Shesh, could tell. I know that the glory of Shri Ram and Sita is the very life and sanctifier of the race of poets and a mine of blessings; that is why I have said something about it just to hallow my speech. (1—4)


For the purpose of hallowing, his speech has Tulasidas sung Shri Ram’s glory; otherwise, the story of Shri Ram is a limitless ocean, which no poet has ever been able to cross. Those men who reverently hear or sing the tale of the auspicious festivities attendant on Shri Ram’s investiture with the sacred thread and marriage shall ever be happy by the grace of Videha’s Daughter and Shri Ram.


Those who lovingly sing or hear the story of Sita and Råma’s marriage shall ever rejoice; for Shri Ram’s glory is an abode of felicity. (361)

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