श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 362

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BAAL KAAND – Day 361



सुदिन सोधि कल कंकन छौरे। मंगल मोद बिनोद न थोरे।।
नित नव सुखु सुर देखि सिहाहीं। अवध जन्म जाचहिं बिधि पाहीं।।
बिस्वामित्रु चलन नित चहहीं। राम सप्रेम बिनय बस रहहीं।।
दिन दिन सयगुन भूपति भाऊ। देखि सराह महामुनिराऊ।।
मागत बिदा राउ अनुरागे। सुतन्ह समेत ठाढ़ भे आगे।।
नाथ सकल संपदा तुम्हारी। मैं सेवकु समेत सुत नारी।।
करब सदा लरिकनः पर छोहू। दरसन देत रहब मुनि मोहू।।
अस कहि राउ सहित सुत रानी। परेउ चरन मुख आव न बानी।।
दीन्ह असीस बिप्र बहु भाँती। चले न प्रीति रीति कहि जाती।।
रामु सप्रेम संग सब भाई। आयसु पाइ फिरे पहुँचाई।।


राम रूपु भूपति भगति ब्याहु उछाहु अनंदु।
जात सराहत मनहिं मन मुदित गाधिकुलचंदु।।360।।


After fixing an auspicious day the sacred strings (tied around the wrist of the brides and bridegrooms before the wedding for warding off evil spirits) were untied with no little felicity, joy and merriment. The gods were filled with envy to see new rejoicings every day and begged of the Creator that they might be born in Ayodhya. Vishvamitra intended leaving every day but was detained by Shri Ram’s affectionate entreaties. Seeing the king’s devotion to him, grow a hundredfold day after day the great sage Vishvamitra was full of praise for him. At last, when he asked permission to go, the king was greatly moved and with his sons stood before him saying, “My lord, all that I have, is yours; while I and my sons and wives are your servants. Be ever gracious to these boys and condescend from time to time to bless me with your sight.” So saying, the king with his sons and queens fell at his feet, and speech failed his tongue. The Brahmin (Vishvamitra) invoked upon him every kind of blessing and departed amidst a scene of love that defied all description. Shri Ram and all His brothers lovingly escorted him and returned only when they were allowed to go back. (1—5)


The delighter of Gadhi’s race gladly went on his way praising within himself Shri Ram’s beauty, King Dashrath’s piety, the wedding of Shri Ram and Sita and the festivities and rejoicings connected therewith. (360)

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