श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 361

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BAAL KAAND – Day 360



भूप बिलोकि लिए उर लाई। बैठै हरषि रजायसु पाई।।
देखि रामु सब सभा जुड़ानी। लोचन लाभ अवधि अनुमानी।।
पुनि बसिष्टु मुनि कौसिक आए। सुभग आसनन्हि मुनि बैठाए।।
सुतन्ह समेत पूजि पद लागे। निरखि रामु दोउ गुर अनुरागे।।
कहहिं बसिष्टु धरम इतिहासा। सुनहिं महीसु सहित रनिवासा।।
मुनि मन अगम गाधिसुत करनी। मुदित बसिष्ट बिपुल बिधि बरनी।।
बोले बामदेउ सब साँची। कीरति कलित लोक तिहुँ माची।।
सुनि आनंदु भयउ सब काहू। राम लखन उर अधिक उछाहू।।


मंगल मोद उछाह नित जाहिं दिवस एहि भाँति।
उमगी अवध अनंद भरि अधिक अधिक अधिकाति।।359।।


The king, on seeing them, clasped them to his bosom; and the four brothers gladly sat down on receiving his permission. The whole court was gratified to see Ram and accounted their eyes supremely blest. Then came the sages Vashishth and Vishvamitra and were seated on splendid seats. The father and sons adored the sages and clasped their feet and the two preceptors were enraptured to behold Shri Ram. The sage Vashishth narrated sacred legends, while the king and the ladies of the gynaeceum listened. In the course of his narration the sage gladly recounted in diverse ways the doings of Vishvamitra, that surpassed the imagination even of hermits. Vamdev (another family preceptor of King Dashrath) observed that whatever Vashishth said was true and that Vishvamitra’s fair renown had pervaded all the three spheres. Everyone rejoiced to hear that, while Shri Ram and Lakshman were all the more delighted at heart. (1—4)


There was constant felicity, joy and rejoicing and days rolled on in this way. The city of Ayodhya was inundated with a tidal wave of delight, swelling higher and still higher. (359)

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