श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 3

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बंदउ गुरु पद पदुम परागा। सुरुचि सुबास सरस अनुरागा।।
अमिय मूरिमय चूरन चारू। समन सकल भव रुज परिवारू।।

सुकृति संभु तन बिमल बिभूती। मंजुल मंगल मोद प्रसूती।।
जन मन मंजु मुकुर मल हरनी। किएँ तिलक गुन गन बस करनी।।

श्रीगुर पद नख मनि गन जोती। सुमिरत दिब्य द्रृष्टि हियँ होती।।
दलन मोह तम सो सप्रकासू। बड़े भाग उर आवइ जासू।।

उघरहिं बिमल बिलोचन ही के। मिटहिं दोष दुख भव रजनी के।।
सूझहिं राम चरित मनि मानिक। गुपुत प्रगट जहँ जो जेहि खानिक।।


जथा सुअंजन अंजि दृग साधक सिद्ध सुजान।
कौतुक देखत सैल बन भूतल भूरि निधान।।1।।


I greet the pollen-like dust of the lotus feet of my preceptor, refulgent, fragrant and flavoured with love. It is a lovely powder of the life-giving herb, which allays the host of all the attendant ills of mundane existence. It adorns the body of a lucky person even as white ashes beautify the person of Lord Shiv, and brings forth sweet blessings and joys. It rubs the dirt off the beautiful mirror in the shape of the devotee’s heart; when applied to the forehead in the form of a Tilak (a religious mark), it attracts a host of virtues. The splendour of gems in the form of nails on the feet of the blessed Guru unfolds divine vision in the heart by its very thought. The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation, highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines. With its very appearance the bright eyes of the mind get opened; the attendant evils and sufferings of the night of mundane existence disappear; and gems and rubies in the shape of stories of Shri Ram, both patent and hidden, wherever and in whatever mine they may be, come to light –


– as for instance, by applying to the eyes the miraculous salve known by the name of Siddhånjana (the eye-salve of perfection) strivers, adepts, as well as men of wisdom, easily discover a host of mines on hill-tops, in the midst of forests and in the bowels of the earth.

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