श्रीरामचरितमानस (ŚhrīRāmcharitmānas) With English Translation – Day 231

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BAAL KAAND – Day 230



देखन बागु कुअँर दुइ आए। बय किसोर सब भाँति सुहाए।।
स्याम गौर किमि कहौं बखानी। गिरा अनयन नयन बिनु बानी।।
सुनि हरषीं सब सखीं सयानी। सिय हियँ अति उतकंठा जानी।।
एक कहइ नृपसुत तेइ आली। सुने जे मुनि सँग आए काली।।
जिन्ह निज रूप मोहनी डारी। कीन्ह स्वबस नगर नर नारी।।
बरनत छबि जहँ तहँ सब लोगू। अवसि देखिअहिं देखन जोगू।।
तासु वचन अति सियहि सुहाने। दरस लागि लोचन अकुलाने।।
चली अग्र करि प्रिय सखि सोई। प्रीति पुरातन लखइ न कोई।।


सुमिरि सीय नारद बचन उपजी प्रीति पुनीत।।
चकित बिलोकति सकल दिसि जनु सिसु मृगी सभीत।।229।।


Two princes have come to see the garden, both of tender age and charming in every way, one dark of hue and the other fair; how shall I describe them? For speech is sightless, while the eyes are mute.” All the clever maidens were delighted to hear this. Perceiving the intense longing in Sita’s bosom one of them said, “They must be the two princes, my dear, who, I was told, arrived yesterday with the sage (Vishwamitra), and who have captivated the heart of men and women of the city by casting the spell of their beauty. All are talking of their loveliness here, there and everywhere. We must see them, for they are worth seeing.” The words of this damsel highly pleased S∂tå; Her eyes were restless for the sight of the princes. With that kind friend to lead the way She followed; no one knew that Hers was an old love. (1—4)


Recollecting Narad’s words She was filled with innocent love, and with anxious eyes, She gazed all round like a startled fawn. (229)

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