Baloch Liberation Tigers Blow Up a Gas Pipeline in Dera Bugti, Balochistan

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DERA BUGTI (Balochistan): The pro-freedom group Baloch Liberation Tigers (BLT) has claimed responsibility of blowing up a gas pipeline in Dera Bugti area of Balochistan.

The organisation said that it has blown up the gas pipeline near the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines (SNGPL) plant on February 8.


Here is the Urdu statement by the #BLT, accepting responsibility for the attack on oil tankers supplying oil for a Chinese company in #Nushki:

With the blowing up of the 36-inch diameter gas pipeline in #Sui gas field, Gas supply from Dera Bugti has been disrupted in many cities of Pakistan, especially in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

People living nearby have been evacuated and four people were burned in the blaze.

The gas company has recommended immediate closure of Zamzama, Kunj, Hassan and Pirkoh gas wells forthwith, an SNGPL statement said. A spokesman said that the gas supply of 170 Million Cubic Feet per Day (MMCFD) has been suspended to the SNGPL – resulting in a shortfall of 390 mcfd.

The fire has not been controlled yet.

According to reports, Four DSG personnel were also killed while two local employees were wounded due to the massive fire after the explosion.

It is pertinent to note that Balochistan has reserves of gas, minerals and other natural resources which Islamabad continues to exploit for the benefit of its Punjab province, which basically controls everything in Pakistan.

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