“Sirf माँ Nahi…” Is an Inspiring Ode To Superhero Single Mothers

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Being a mother is an incredibly tough act; being an exceptional one single-handedly — sans the presence of the other parent — makes it infinitely more so. “Sirf माँ Nahi…”, an original song by Krishna Engineer, a lyrical poem in its more fundamental form, celebrates the latter challenge.

It is an ode to the single moms who face the world with challenges that are unique to them and rise above them like the ‘superheroes’ that they are.

So, while it is indeed a melodious composition, of which we shall talk more later, this music video — first and foremost — needs to be appreciated more for its subject (“mothers who have to put ‘daddy-hats’ too“) than the creative and/or production/presentation aspect of it.

An ode is often defined as a lyric poem. (Both ‘ode’ and ‘lyric’ are of Greek origin) Principally a lyric in an elaborate form, it conveys exalted and inspired emotions in a language that is dignified and sincere.

There are three typical forms of odes: the Pindaric (three-part form), Horatian (two- or four-line stanza), and irregular (uses rhyme). “Sirf माँ Nahi…” clearly belongs to the last one.

Released on Daughter’s Day this year (September 26), the autobiographical video naturally begins with narrative paeans for daughters, all daughters — though, with images videos of Krishna’s own daughter (Aadhya). Soon, it jumps deep into the subject of the former single-handedly promising all the life’s best to the latter — simply because she “Sirf माँ Nahi, Papa Bhi Hai.“.

Yes, the music video is about a daughter who also happens to be a mother that is raising her daughter, on her own.

In today’s world, an increasingly large number of mothers have alone carried the responsibilities typically shared between two parents in a nuclear family.

They, alone, discipline, support, provide for, and care unconditionally for their children without the help or support of a partner to share the load.

This song, however, instils soothing confidence into those mothers by its lyrics (Krishna Engineer) and equally by a very measured, dignified musical score (Parth Thakar).

Two portions of the writing that are particularly endearing, empowering and inspiring about the lyrics are:

बादल यूं बन के छाव दूंगी मैं, बिन बोले तेरी आवाज बनूंगी मैं….. क्योंकि मां नहीं पापा भी हूं सिर्फ मां नहीं पापा भी हूं


तो ,तू‌ डरना नहीं , तू रुकना नहीं, सहम सहम कर, कभी झुकना नहीं । तेरी हिम्मत बनकर मैं दुनिया में आई हूं‌ ।।

Beautiful. Meaningful. Strong.

Complementing those thoughts is the musical score that opts for instruments, pitch and pace that absolutely define the nature of a mother viz., calming and reassuring. There is nothing regimental or excessively ornamental about the score. Kudos to Parth.

While vocal texture has been captured well (Vatsal Patel), there are portions, especially in the beginning narration part, where the mixing (Rakesh Munjariya) could’ve been a notch more consummate.

Keeping in mind the subject and the purpose of the composition, we shall not get into the details of the camera and editing aspects (Sobhan Jana) in this piece. For, while the visuals too are easy on the eye, they cannot be expected to tell the enormity of the thought in such a short span, especially within the scale of the project amid COVID-19.

So, the baseline is that it is an easy-on-ear melody that makes fleetfooted smiles score over the mountain of odds that the principal actor of the story fights every single day.

Dear girls/women, you can take heart in your efforts by listening to this positive composition. So, scroll up again and give a listen again to the song. “Sirf संगीत Nahin, Sandesh Bhi Hai Yeh…

Pt. Harshwardhan

Pt. Harshwardhan has spent more than two decades being a part of, and writing about, cinema, music, and television (and all things media/culture/society) for a range of media platforms. He lives between Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, and the HIMALAYAS.

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