3 Lakh Illegal Bangladeshis In Bengaluru: City Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao

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BENGALURU (Karnataka): City police commissioner Bhaskar Rao said that there are as many as three lakh illegal Bangladeshi migrants in the city and that their numbers are rising. He added that many are victims of human trafficking and are being channelled into the construction sector.

He said that had received information from illegal Bangladeshi immigrants expelled from the state that there were lakhs of such persons in Karnakata.

Commissioner Rao made the statement at a conclave on Construction Workers’ Safety, Health and Welfare organised by the labour department and Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

“61 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants were deported from Bengaluru. They told our people that we are only expelling 61 of them and they are in lakhs in Karnataka. They are working in construction sites, garbage collection,” Rao told reporters here.

They come to Bengaluru in search of employment. Unlike other cities, Bengaluru has a lot of job potential, and firms here pay good salaries too. There are a lot of Bangladeshis working in the construction industry,” said Rao.

The commissioner said the Bangladeshi migrants are willing to work for wages as low as ₹150, while Indian workers demand upwards of ₹300 and ₹600.

“This is one of the biggest reasons for human trafficking,” he added.

“Over the last five years, over 356 labourers died in construction sites. The places where these labourers stay also become a den for criminal activities. These things need to be addressed,” he said.

Asked about further action against Bangladeshi immigrants, Rao said:

“I don’t have any such thing before me. We should have a mechanism to deal with it.

What has happened over the years you can’t undo it on a single day because it will lead to unnecessary chaos.

These things are guided by policy and planning.”

This is the first time that a high-ranking official has mentioned a specific number to Bangladeshis in Karnataka amid the ongoing anti-Citizenship Amendment Act debate.

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