Pakistan Promises To Fire Missiles To Any Country That Stands With India

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ISLAMABAD (Pakistan): Pakistan Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Ali Amin Gandapur has stated that “any country which will not stand with Pakistan over Kashmir will be taken as our enemy and our missiles will hit them also, if in a state of war“.

Gandapur recently claimed that the world was silent over Kashmir dispute and that ongoing tensions between India and Pakistan may result in an all-out war between the two arch-rivals.

The statement by the Pak minister comes at a time when a delegation of European members of Parliament are currently visiting Jammu and Kashmir to take stock of the situation.

The statement reflects the mood in his home country as Pakistan has been snubbed globally over the matter. Islamabad has unilaterally downgraded bilateral ties after it cried foul over New Delhi’s move to abrogate Article 370 that granted special powers to Jammu and Kashmir.

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