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Fashion Show ‘Naturally North East: The Naga Narrative’ Held At Suraj Kund Mela

To expand the tribal product range and designs TRIFED has collaborated with global fashion icon Ritu Beri.



FARIDABAD (Haryana): A unique fashion show titled “Naturally North-East: The Naga Narrative” curated by Ritu Beri noted fashion designer and Chief designer of Tribes India and organised by TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs held at Suraj Kund Mela on February 7. Renuka Singh Saruta, Minister of State for Tribal Affairs was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Ritu Beri in association with Tribes India and Suraj Kund authorities organised a first of its kind fashion show. This fashion show showcased the Naga weave with a modern touch and various other products from Northeast states. The Northeastern part of India has a rich crafts tradition of its own. It is a place where the personality of every tribe lies in its design style.

The event highlighted the culture of Nagaland through fusion attire mixed with their local beaded jewellery. It showcased a variety of specially designed apparels by Ritu Beri, highlighting the tribal weaves & motives, accessories, jewellery etc. of the North Eastern States.

Apart from this, Tribes India showcased a vast variety of North Eastern States textile, accessories, jewellery and Van Dhan natural products such as gooseberry candy, dried wild apple, bamboo shoot, Naga king chilli, spices, ginger powder etc. in the Suraj Kund Mela.

To expand the tribal product range and designs TRIFED has collaborated with Ritu Beri, who is an iconic global fashion designer.

Apart from her mastery of international haute couture, Beri has a deep connect with Indian tribal arts, crafts and culture.

By partnering with TRIFED as Chief Design Consultant of Tribes India, Beri is helping in making Tribes India a household name with her demonstrated and well-established expertise in the fashion world.

TRIFED under the Ministry of Tribal Affairs aims to serve the interest of tribes through socio-economic betterment.

The tribes of India have a wide range of handicrafts. These include handwoven cotton, wool and silk fabrics, woodcrafts, metal craft, terracotta, beadwork, masques and other objects paintings and so on.

TRIFED has set up a retail chain known as Tribes India to buy the products from tribal and sell the same in the market. This, in turn, is making tribal self-sufficient and providing them with better livelihood opportunities.

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I Have Left BJP, Not Hindutva, Says Uddhav As He Offers 1Cr For Ram Mandir

“BJP does not mean Hindutva, both are different,” said the Maharashtra CM on his visit to Ayodhya.



AYODHYA (Uttar Pradesh): Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday announced that he will give Rs 1 crore to help in the construction of Lord Ram temple in Uttar Pradesh’s Ayodhya.

During his visit to Ayodhya, Shiv Sena chief said, “Today, I want to announce that not from the state govt, but from my trust, I offer an amount of Rs 1 crore.” Thackeray arrived in Ayodhya on Saturday for the first time after becoming Chief Minister in November last year.

While addressing a gathering, Thackeray said, “I am here to seek blessings of Ram Lalla. I have with me today several members of my ‘Bhagwa’ family. It is my third visit in last 1.5 years. I will also offer prayers today.”

Thackeray and his family is in Ayodhya to pay obeisance at the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple as Maharashtra’s coalition government completes 100 days in office.

Speaking in Ayodhya, Thackeray said, “Today, I want to announce that not from the state govt, but from my trust, I offer an amount of Rs. 1 crore for the construction of Ram Temple here. It is just a small contribution from our part.”

Thackeray said, “It is an honour for me to come here. When I first came here it was not known when and how the Ram temple would be built here. I am here to seek blessings of Ram Lalla. It is my third visit in the last one and a half years. I will also offer prayers here today.”

Thackeray said he would give the Saryu Aarti a miss because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“I also wished to take a dip in the Saryu River, but as you know in the whole world these days there is an outbreak of coronavirus. And yesterday I urged people of my state to stay away from crowded areas. So I am not participating in the ‘Aarti’, but I will come back for it again,” he was quoted by ANI.

Launching a veiled attack on its erstwhile ally BJP, Shiv Sena chief said, “Main BJP se alag hua hun, Hindutva se nahi. BJP ka matlab Hindutva nahi hai. Hindutva alag hai, BJP alag hai. (I have parted ways with the BJP, not with Hindutva. The BJP is not Hindutva. Hindutva is a different thing and I have not parted ways with it.)”.

Senior Sena leader Sanjay Raut on Friday said that Thackeray will not take part in the ‘aarti’ programme on the banks of river Sarayu in the temple town. Thackeray completed 100 days in the office on Friday.

He had assumed office as the chief minister of the Sena-led Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government on November 28 last year, after the Sena joined hands with the NCP and the Congress.

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22nd Ethnologue: Hindi 3rd Most Spoken Language In The World With 615 Million Speakers

Bangla has been ranked as the 7th most spoken language of the world, with 228 million native speakers.



NEW DELHI: Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language of the world in 2019 with 615 million speakers. The 22nd edition of the world language database Ethnologue stated English at the top of the list with 1,132 million speakers. Chinese Mandarin is in second position with 1,117 million speakers.

Bangla has been ranked as the 7th most spoken language of the world. Bangla has 228 million native speakers.

Ethnologue brings out a yearly database of living languages of the world since its establishment in 1951.

The current round of the database covers 7,111 living languages of the world. In addition to living languages, Ethnologue also contains data on languages which have gone out of use in recent history. This edition lists 348 such languages.

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India Is The World’s First Country With 100% Digital Process For Haj 2020

Govt fulfilled the dream of “Ease of Doing Haj” for Indian Muslims: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.



MUMBAI (Maharashtra): The Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has said that 100 per cent digital/online Haj process in India has fulfilled the dream of “Ease of Doing Haj” for the Indian Muslims. He was addressing a training of trainers programme for Haj 2020 at Haj House, in Mumbai today.

Naqvi said that the unprecedented reforms taken by the Modi Government have ensured that while on one hand, the entire Haj process has been made digital and transparent on the other hand Haj has become affordable.

He further said that making the entire Haj process 100 per cent digital/online has removed middlemen ensuring Haj pilgrimage become affordable in comparison to last several decades.

Even after removal of Haj subsidy, no additional financial burden has been put on the pilgrims, he added.

The Minister for Minority Affairs said that India has become the first country in the entire world which has made the entire Haj 2020 process 100 per cent digital. Online application, E-Visa, Haj mobile app, “E-MASIHA” health facility, “E-luggage pre-tagging” providing all information in India itself regarding accommodation/transportation in Makkah-Madinah have been provided to Indian Muslims going for Haj.

He further said that for the first time facilities have been provided for digital pre-tagging of the baggage of pilgrims. This will ensure the Indian pilgrims will get information in India itself about building along with the room allotted to the pilgrims and transportation like details of the bus to be taken by the pilgrims after reaching to the airport in Saudi Arabia, he added.

Naqvi said that even SIM card has been linked to a mobile app which will ensure Haj pilgrims immediately getting all the latest information regarding Haj in Makkah-Madina on their mobile phone.

While on one hand health card is being provided to Indian Haj pilgrims in the country, on the other hand, “E-MASIHA” (E-Medical Assistance System for Indian Pilgrims Abroad), an online system to create and maintain the complete health database of Indian pilgrims along with doctors’ prescriptions, medical treatment as well as medicine disbursals, has been developed to deal any emergency in Makkah-Madinah, he said.

Naqvi also said that Haj Group Organisers (HGOs) have also been connected with 100 per cent digital system which has ensured transparency in their functioning and it has also ensured better facilities to Indian Haj pilgrims.

For the first time, a portal of HGOs – (Portal for Haj Group Organisers) has been developed which contains all the details of HGOs, their packages etc.

The Minister for Minority Affairs said that the Indian Government, in coordination-cooperation with Saudi Arabian Government, Indian Consulate and various concerned agencies in Saudi Arabia, is working to ensure safety and better facilities, medical facilities for the pilgrims during Haj 2020.

He further said that in 2020, a total of 2 lakh Indian Muslims will perform Haj that too without any subsidy and about 1 lakh 23,000 Indians Muslims will go through Haj Committee of India and remaining through Haj Group Organisers.

This year more than 2100 Muslim women will go to Haj without “Mehram” (male companion), he added.

A total of 650 trainers participated in this training programme. They will provide training to Haj pilgrims in their respective states regarding Haj pilgrimage, accommodation in Makkah and Madina, transport, health facilities, safety measures etc.

These trainers include a large number of women trainers also.

Officials from Haj Committee of India, Customs, Air India, Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, various banks, disaster management agencies and other departments informed the trainers about the entire Haj process.

On the occasion, Naqvi also inaugurated Civil Services Learning Centre, Guest Rooms, Training Hall etc in Haj House, Mumbai.

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