Sunil Pal And Ehsan Qureshi Re-Unite For ‘Pune to Goa’

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Comedians Sunil Pal and Ehsan Qureshi appeared together a few years back in the film “Bombay to Goa” which proved to be the blockbuster film of that year. After a long hiatus, young film director Amol Bhagat has again planned a successful Hindi comedy film “Pune to Goa” with the two comedians, whose shooting is going to start soon.

The film will be produced by AdityaRaje Marathe Productions and Maurya Producing the same co-production Nava Nisarg is producing.

The film is produced by AdityaRaje Marathe, Prahlad Taware and co-producer Kishore Kharat. In the film, singers Javed Ali, Shahid Mallya, P Shankaram, Soumee Sailesh have lit up their voices.

The screenplay and dialogues of the film have been written by well-known writer Rajan Aggarwal, who has previously won his writing in films like Welcome Back, Ready, No Entry.

At the same time, P. Shankaram, Sanmeet Waghmare And Nikhil Bisht have taken over the responsibility of the Music Direction in this film.

According to director Amol Bhagat, this film will be a complete package full of comedy, romance, suspense action, which the audience will be able to enjoy. It is being made keeping in mind the audience of OTT along with the movie theatre.

The story of the film is completely different from the comedy film till date, it is a privilege for him as a director that he is getting along with the experienced actors.

If the comedian of the film, Sunil Pal, believes that this film is going to set a different criterion in the history of a comedy film. The story of the film is the USP of the film, the audience will definitely be thrilled to see the film. As an actor, I am getting a chance to do something different in this film and the audience will definitely enjoy seeing this form of ours.

Ehsan Qureshi will play the role of the driver and Sunil Pal Khalasi in the film, Ehsan Qureshi told the media that the story of the film was so good that he could not speak to the director Amol Bhagat, definitely, the film will prove to be a milestone And this film will set a different record. The team of the film is very obsessive and hardworking which will give the film a different height.

Director Amol Bhagat told that apart from Sunil Pal and Ehsan Qureshi, we have decorated the film with veteran actors from TV and theatre. “We are going to shoot for the film next month and very soon this film will be in front of you all”.

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