COVID-19: This Ayurvedic Hand Sanitiser Both Kills Germs And Nourishes The Skin

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As the nation is going through a tough time due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the country, the majority is maintaining solidarity and staying indoors during the nationwide lockdown there are warriors who are handling the frontline of this battle with the Coronavirus.

These COVID heroes who are working pillar to post to serve the citizens so that they can stay home and safe are doctors, bankers, public servants, policemen, journalists, delivery personnel, hospitality etc.

Among the force of these warriors is Nutriorg, which is meticulously working with complete vigour during this difficult situation to serve the nation and its health needs.

The best way to keep yourself and your family safe from being affected by the Coronavirus is to isolate the old for the sake of their safety. For you, you should keep your hands disinfected/sanitized at all times before touching your facial area.

For a while, make it a practice to avoid touching your face frequently. Be a responsible citizen and don’t stroll outdoors without emergency situations as you are responsible for the safety of the people around you as the virus is highly contagious.

The most effective precaution you could take is to work towards building your Immune system to be strong. This can combat the virus really well. Flood your daily diet with Vitamin C rich vegetables and fruits. If you are unable to procure such vegetables then consume lemons or oranges regularly in the form of ‘Shikanji’ or juice. Vitamin C works wonders to strengthen immunity.

Resort to exercising daily and eating healthy and hygienic food. Sanitize/disinfect your home daily leaving all surfaces clean and disinfected to maintain safety and hygiene at all times. Avoid street food for a long time in the present and approaching period. Avoid going to public places without urgent need.

Sanitize your hands frequently if you are outdoors.

If you feel that these commercial hand sanitizers are leaving your hands rough then opt for the Nutriorg Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer with 60% alcohol which kills germs as well as nourishes the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It has Aloe vera, Turmeric and Lemon among its contents.

Also, don’t overlook the hygiene of your kitchen. Sterilize your veggies and fruits with Apple Cider Vinegar before refrigerating or consuming. The Chyawanprash and its components are also excellent boosters of immunity and other bodily functions.

Nutriorg offers a Vedic formula of Chyawanprash that is a combination of 48 herbs and boosts your immunity in leaps and bounds.

Take immunity supplements such as shots or juices to feed your Immunity. Nutriorg offers an Immunity Booster Juice that is a combination of wondrous ingredients well-known for strengthening Immunity.

All in all, in this dreadful time, keep calm and don’t panic as stress weakens your Immune system. Utilise this time period for productive work and spending quality time with your family.

Disclaimer: This is an unpaid press release by Nutriorg. Readers’ discretion is advised while consuming the content of the release.

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