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Introduction (“Digital League”) is the mobile and web-based ‘information, news and conversations platform‘ of League of India SocioCorp™ (“The SocioCorp™”).

The SocioCorp™, a Government of India registered MSME firm, is the world’s first News Action Tank™ that is committed to the idea of shaping a progressive India by fostering “centre-right liberal governance, a free economy, and an open society“.

To achieve the aforementioned, the SocioCorp™ has been designed to be the right blend of a non-partisan media/news company, a solutions-oriented think tank/research centre, and a social-economic-democratic betterment seeking nonprofit (in spirit) organisation.

The guiding clarion call of the SocioCorp™ is:
Liberty. Knowledge. Prosperity.

What sets it apart from all news media companies is its innate purpose of ‘making use of the media/news company infrastructure and expertise to lead and/or support actions on the ground around the various news contexts‘.

Indeed, it would also try to do a good job of real-time/breaking news reporting.


Where is it coming from?

The socially conscious and proactive idea was first put into action in 2006 in the form of a general interest English monthly print magazine, League. A pioneering product, it was the only magazine of its type at that time in its parent city and state.

League general interest English monthly magazine (Year: 2006)

Almost a decade before the practice of “weaving the social media into the print publishing product cycle” became universally exercised/fashionable, League magazine — way back in 2006 — had an integrated social media site of its own, named ‘Kitli – Life @ Tea‘. (It had to be shut down abruptly after getting hacked and vandalised by Iraq-based cyber-attackers! Yes, we have experienced things like those too in our journey of more than a dozen years.)

‘Kitle – Life @ Tea’, the integrated social media site of League magazine (Year: 2006)

Understanding the changing landscape of news media, the print magazine in 2008/09 gave way to a digital avatar by the name of The Indic Post, India’s first stand-alone/independent mainstream news portal.

THE INDIC POST was one of India’s earliest standalone online newspapers (alone) of its time (Year: 2008)

Marketing communication about THE INDIC POST (Year: 2008)

After a couple of years, it was decided to revert to its original name – and thus was born

Web archive ‘capture’ of (Year: 2012)

Though always society-oriented, this latest avatar has been designed with a distinct ‘activist outlook’, with a clear aim at taking the newsroom information and understanding to the ground, to make a difference around. Hence the identity, ‘News Action Tank’:

“We apologise if you came here looking for ‘mere news’… (Year: 2012)

And the evolution continues. For the better. With your support.


What does it stand for?

It stands for, above and beyond everything else, the integrity of India – and the spread of both individual liberty and collective knowledge and prosperity in India.

Free markets/economy, gender, sexual, linguistic and religious equality (with absolutely no pandering to any section or seeking to benefit the few), and a right of the centre approach to external defence, as well as internal security, and foreign policy is what League of India puts its faith in.

The spread of scientific temper in the Indian society and the conservation and nurturing of ancient Indic culture and heritage of India occupy notable places in the mission of League of India.


Who is the founder of League of India SocioCorp™?

League of India SocioCorp™ is the brainchild of Anshuman Rawat, an entrepreneur, communication and content specialist, editor-journalist, author and filmmaker with about 19 years of professional experience in media and management domains.

His long-term ambition is to play a leading role in the “development and spread of social welfare-oriented media convergence in India”.

His journalistic writing has appeared in Foreign Policy Association network (USA), Asia360 News (Singapore), The Huffington Post (UK), Asia Times Online (Hong Kong), International Institute for Asian Studies (Netherlands), New Age Islam (South Asia), Zee Premier, Swarajya (both India) and (India/US).

He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal (USA), Vegas’ Arts & Entertainment Corner (USA), Correspondent TV (UK), InfoBae (Argentina), The Times of India, The Indian Express, Mid-Day, Deccan Herald, Verve and FM Radio Mirchi (all India).

His film A.O.D. (aka The Art of Dying) was one of India’s earliest English feature films on digital format.

The film, made amid consistent bankruptcy, a major earthquake, the 2002 riots, and absolutely no control over any aspect of the process, went on to garner a standing ovation at the Asian Film Festival, apart from earning appreciation from the Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York audiences as a part of the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival.

An anthology of his political commentaries was published in 2013 as a book, Conflicts, Geopolitics and Asia Volume 1: 2010-12 – A Short Diary of Notes from the Region, and is widely available at world’s leading online bookstores.

An instinctive entrepreneur, he founded and managed a media startup (a private limited company) for over a decade.

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