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It gives us immense pleasure to learn that you wish to share your thoughts with the larger world via League of India. Please find the details of how this will work as below:


1. A profile picture of yourself, preferably on a white background. The thing to make sure is that the picture includes all of your head and not with your forehead/hairline chopped off.

2.  A one-line bio of yourself. For example “Author & Social Activist” or “Sofware Engineer & Blogger” or just “Writer”

3. An extended bio of yourself. You may include hyperlink back to your own site and also include your twitter, facebook etc details

4. A writing sample (only if you have not been published anywhere except your own blog)

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We’ll email you back in the next week or so with your username and a temporary password, which you’ll change the first time you log in.  From then on, you’ll be able to submit straight to League of India, without having us anywhere in the process.

News-driven, topical posts perform best on the site – first thought is probably the best thought, so if you have a strong take on a topic expanding in the news, it’s better to post it promptly than a few days from then, when your post will be less fresh (and less original).

Please keep the length of the article between 500 to 800 words. Please also write your titles in First Initial Caps (as opposed to ALL CAPS).

You retain all rights to your writing and so you retain the right to upload the same article on your own blog or elsewhere.

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