I Say, Who is Manish Tiwari!

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So Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari wants to maintain the dignity of political discourse and in the course of stating it denigrates the job of a film comedian; and Johny Lever is the unfortunate guinea pig. His sneering remarks were aimed at Katrina Kaif for her statement describing Rahul Gandhi as half-Indian.

In her interview to a newspaper she reportedly remarked that she is not ashamed of being half-Indian and compared herself to Rahul Gandhi stating he is half-Italian and half-Indian.

Despite what Manish Tewari says in defence of the first family, I believe Katrina has spoken the truth. He may think only the Congress politicians have the right to free speech and not anyone else. The Congresswalas are touchy on any issue raised in connection with Sonia and Rahul. On the other hand, Sonia and Rahul do not help matters by sitting in the ivory tower and dictating the course of the nation through the opaque fortress walls and emerging only when the time and place are convenient. Why the secrecy? Don't the ruled have a right to know the rulers well enough - who they are, where they come from, what they stand for?

The concern of the Congis on what effect the fact that Rahul is not fully Indian will have on the voting populace is quite understandable. However, if performance is the criterion, this should not matter. Only where there is no performance or competence, these issues come to the fore. If Congress and Rahul were able to perform and deliver on the multitude of challenges facing the nation, then they are sure to win the next election. This is far from reality, the Congis know this, and so comes forth the hysteria. There are no solutions from the ruling elite for the sky-rocketing inflation, raging corruption scandals, ineffective "I-don't-know-anything" prime minister, etc.

Of course, the learned coterie will bring up erudite legalese to prove that Rahul is in fact completely Indian. This may be true as per law of the nation, but we all know the law is a donkey and so let us keep the law aside. The truth of the matter is anyone born to an Indian and a foreigner is only half-Indian as no amount of politicking can erase the genetics.

Katrina talking of a fact is not damaging the dignity of political discourse. It is the untalking of the fact that about 20% members of Lok Sabha have criminal cases against them that is damaging the dignity of political discourse. Many of them are booked for serious criminal cases like murder and rape. These law-breaking criminals are donning the role of law makers in this parliament. Still Manish Tewari does not think this is injurious to the dignity of political discourse.

Manish Tewari should be commended for his alacrity in seizing the matter ahead of Digvijay Singh who will be ruminating on a wasted opportunity to exhibit his unabashed loyalty to the Gandhis. He might even have gone all the way and claimed that RSS has instigated Katrina and that he got a phone call from her before the day she uttered those foul words.

To quote Manish Tewari, "Who is she? I do not know. Tomorrow, you will ask for our reaction on the statement of Johny Lever. To what level you want to bring down the level of the political discourse in the country?" The people know who is she but are asking "Who is Manish Tewari?"


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