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League of India is a news action tank that is committed to the idea of shaping a progressive India by fostering centre-right liberal governance, a free economy and an open society.

Though we are a news-based organisation, we are not into real-time reporting – or breaking news, as it is called these days.

With the fundamental purpose of informing and empowering every Indian, we put together a string of actions that are normally not all carried out by a single agency – let alone by a traditional news company in India.

The ‘string of actions’ begins with research (primary issues – social, political and economic – and information collection), before graduating on to analysis and synthesis of all the aspects of the issue featured in the news story.

While all good news organisations do the above, they also stop at that.

League of India, on the other hand, progresses to make use of the knowledge reservoir (comprising both information and experts) in policy formulation and consensus building on issues that have a significant bearing upon social and political aspects of governance in India.

Finally, the process embarks upon the daunting task of influencing administrations and other stakeholders towards implementation of those consensual choices and/or policies.

The socially conscious and proactive idea was first put into action in 2006 in the form of a ‘registered’ general interest English monthly magazine League.


We are comprehensively liberal on all matters political, religious and social, with an educated tilt towards the right of centre in the form of support for free economy and primacy of national interest in all conflicts, internal or otherwise.