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About Us

League of India is the world’s first news action tank that is committed to the idea of shaping a progressive India by fostering “centre-right liberal governance, a free economy, and an open society“.

To achieve the aforementioned, League of India has been designed to be the right blend of a media/news company, a think tank, and a non-profit organisation (NPO) (working on the ground).

What sets it apart from all news media companies is its innate purpose of ‘making use of the media/news company infrastructure and expertise to lead and/or support actions on the ground around the various news contexts’.

Indeed, it would also try to do a good job of real-time/breaking news reporting.


Where is it coming from?

The socially conscious and proactive idea was first put into action in 2006 in the form of an ‘RNI registered’ general interest English monthly print magazine, League.

Understanding the changing landscape of news media, the print magazine in 2008/09 gave way to a digital avatar by the name of The Indic Post, India’s first stand-alone/independent mainstream news portal.

After a couple of years, it was decided to revert to its original name – and thus was born

What does it stand for?

It stands for, above and beyond everything else, the integrity of India – and the spread of both individual liberty and collective knowledge and prosperity in India.

Free markets/economy, gender, sexual, linguistic and religious equality (with absolutely no pandering to any section or seeking to benefit the few), and a right of the centre approach to external defence, as well as internal security, and foreign policy is what League of India puts its faith in.

The spread of scientific temper in the Indian society and the conservation and nurturing of ancient Indic culture and heritage of India occupy notable places in the mission of League of India.

Who are the people behind it?

League of India team is led by a senior news person and media entrepreneur in the dual role of the Managing Editor and the CEO of the company:

Anshuman Rawat: Harbouring a long-term ambition of playing a leading role in the “development and spread of social welfare-oriented media convergence in India”, Anshuman has put together many entrepreneurial projects in the last 18 years.

He is commonly recognised as a communications specialist, geopolitical and international relations journalist, and serial entrepreneur from Ahmedabad, India.